It doesn’t matter whether you ship a little or a lot. ENCORE offers a variety of Home Moving Services to meet your changing needs across Canada.


Delivery Powered by AMJ Campbell.

How many other B2B delivery companies can say they’re powered by Canada’s largest coast-to-coast moving company? We’re going to guess none. Being backed by AMJ Campbell’s 90 years of moving experience puts Encore Delivery Services at a huge advantage. It means we are where your customers are, so we can get your shipments where they need to go, quickly and cost-effectively.


You can accomplish a lot in 90 years. We’ve grown to include 2,500 team members working in 10 provinces across the country. Enter Encore Home Delivery with 33 warehouse locations, 3M sq ft in space and leading-edge technology to track millions of moving parts. That’s a large infrastructure and it puts us way ahead in the home delivery game.

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Home Delivery – E-commerce is huge and getting products to customers quickly is the cost of entry. Our state-of-the-art logistics schedules deliveries, keeps customers informed, delivers and tracks receipts with ease.

Warehouse & Logistics – With 3M sq ft of warehousing and top-level technology, we can handle First Mile, Middle Mile and Final Mile Deliveries in large urban areas and small rural outposts across the country.

Small Parcel Delivery – Looking for help with Pick ‘n Pack up Warehouse Pick-Ups? We manage the entire process —including returns — so you can get on with what you should be doing: growing your business.



Automotive industry incon - Encore Deliveries - Canada's Largest B2B Logistics Company


Furniture Industry Incon - Encore Deliveries - Canada's Largest B2B Logistics Company


Electronic Industry Incon - Encore Deliveries - Canada's Largest B2B Logistics Company


Art Industry Incon - Encore Deliveries - Canada's Largest B2B Logistics Company


Retail Industry Incon - Encore Deliveries - Canada's Largest B2B Logistics Company


Medical Industry Incon - Encore Deliveries - Canada's Largest B2B Logistics Company



Companies of all sizes trust us to deliver their products and keep their customers happy. They rely on our sophisticated logistics, 100% tracking visibility and responsive fleet to deliver everything from small parcel deliveries to large items requiring assembly

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Customer satisfaction is key. You need to know when your shipment will be fulfilled and delivered, so you can communicate this to your customers. That’s why Encore Home Delivery uses real-time GPS tracking and smartphone technology to give you visibility to your shipment, delivering a great end-user experience.

When you have one company taking care of scheduling, routing and delivering, plus warehouse scanning and management using state-of-the-art tracking, there’s one party that’s accountable. So should anything need to be tracked or fast-tracked, we work behind the scenes to deliver as promised.

While the world has been changing around us, we’ve kept the supply chain moving by adjusting to new norms of contactless delivery and social distancing. We’ve created custom solutions based on evolving client needs – something that’s easy to do when you have Canada’s largest moving company behind you.

One call to us gets you access to a massive fleet, state-of-the-art logistics and more than 33 sprawling warehouses. We’re flexible enough to act and react by tapping into our network to address your delivery needs in a cost-effective way.


Environmental sustainability is a huge part of our mission. Our sophisticated logistics help us get around inefficiencies like multiple stops with small drop sizes, traffic congestion and long-distance rural deliveries. We work with reverse logistics to help keep products out of landfill. And we Pick ‘n Pack with an eye towards conserving packaging material. To date, our parent company’s local and regional work with our partners has even won us several industry awards. Let’s keep this good thing going together!

items saved from the landfill

donated to charities

increase in sales


We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team. We offer an easy onboarding program to train you quickly, flexible schedules, comprehensive benefits and highly competitive pay. Drop us a line if you’re a truck driver, heavy lifter, admin whiz or a business or marketing expert who wants to work for a great company.

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