It doesn’t matter whether you ship a little or a lot. ENCORE offers a variety of Home Moving Services to meet your changing needs across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


General Questions

Q – Do you do inside delivery?

A – Yes, we offer three service levels to help you meet your clients’ needs and budgets when delivering into homes or businesses. 1. Threshold: Delivers into the first room/business. 2. Room of Choice: Delivers to any room in the home/business. 3. White Glove: Delivers anywhere in the home/business and includes assembly and removal of packing material.

Q – Do you take care of freight?

A – We can take care of all your freight needs, with multiple vehicle and transportation methods we can pick up and deliver one item or the full trailer. Encores fleet comprises of cargo vans thru to transport trucks with a number of different configurations that include temperature control and tailgates. Utilizing the full range of the fleet we are able to pick up and deliver to any type of location at dock height or ground level. In addition to the traditional over the road options, Encore also utilizes other methods of transportation including rail and over water transport to ensure economical options for our customers coast to coast. Pulling all of this together for Encore is a continued focus on transparency and efficiency powered through our proprietary technology that ensures safe and on time deliveries from the first mile to the last.

Q – What kind of visibility will I have on my shipment?

A – Our sophisticated technology provides 100% visibility along every step in the process, so you’ll always know where your delivery is. This includes: 1. Ability to track delivery throughout our First Mile transportation. 2. Access to custom reports with inventory movement via our real-time warehouse inventory portal. 3. End customer tracking for real-time status throughout the process and up to delivery day.

Order and Shipping

Q – Can you explain the flow and all touch points for an order?

A – The process described below is a general model, but we also offer customized solutions. Please contact our friendly specialists to learn how our delivery solutions can be customized to fit your needs. 1. Items to be shipped are scanned into our terminals, logging the start of their journey in our state-of-the-art logistics system. 2. Our automated self-scheduling tool prompts your customer to pick a delivery date and time frame preference. They’ll also be asked a few questions about where they live to allow for a smooth delivery. They will then be given information to track the progress of their order in real-time. 3. Your customer will be contacted to confirm delivery date and time frame. 4. Your customer will receive in-transit notification before arrival to prepare for their delivery. 5. Our delivery team provides the scheduled service level at the highest level of customer service and records the delivery. 6. Your customer will receive a survey to help us maintain our high customer service levels. 7. You will receive confirmation of delivery on our online portal.

Customer FAQ’s

Q – How do I schedule my delivery?

A – Once your order is ready for delivery, AMJ Campbell, our delivery partner will be in touch to let you know when it will arrive and what to expect on delivery day. Depending on your level of service, our team will either complete contactless delivery, or safely enter your home to deliver and assemble your furniture. Rest assured, you’ll never receive a surprise delivery; our team will always determine a set date and time window for delivery.

Q – What should I expect on delivery day?

A – With Contactless Delivery, your order will be delivered to the front door of your house or apartment. If you live in a multi-unit apartment building, our delivery partner AMJ Campbell will deliver to the front door of your apartment, whenever possible. In cases where multi-tenant buildings have restricted access to non-residents, our team will deliver to the closest point to your home that they’re safely able to. For Threshold, Room of Choice and White Glove Service deliveries, our team will only enter your home when appropriately masked and wearing protective slipcovers on their shoes. On the day of delivery, you’ll receive a notification when the delivery team is approximately 30 minutes away.

Q – What are your estimated delivery windows?

A – For our larger items, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a delivery appointment directly with our delivery partner, AMJ Campbell. As soon as the deliver team receives your items, they will be in touch to schedule an appointment. (Typically within 1-2 business days)

Q – How do I change my phone number or delivery address?

A – Please reach out to wherever you purchased your item to make any changes that may affect your delivery.

Q – When will I get my up-to-date delivery window?

A – The day before your scheduled delivery or sooner, our delivery partner, AMJ Campbell will reach out to notify you of your time window to help you plan your day