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What Is White Glove Delivery Service?

What Is White Glove Delivery Service?

These days, more and more people are purchasing items online. Businesses and individuals appreciate the convenience of online shopping and delivery services. However, some require more than the traditional drop-on-your-doorstep delivery service.

White glove service takes professional delivery to the next level by providing additional care and attention. For many, a white glove service delivery includes uncrating, item assembly, installation, and various additional services.
People will often utilize white glove delivery when shipping valuable items such as priceless artwork, high-end furniture, antiques, and anything else that requires specialized care. However, you might not realize just how versatile this service is.

White Glove Delivery Definition

For decades, many people have associated the term “white glove” with luxury or excellence. Regarding white glove delivery meaning, this service focuses on providing high-end care for valuable items that require more attention than a typical online order.

These items are often highly fragile, expensive, or large. Due to their complex nature and unique transportation requirements, white glove delivery services utilize highly trained professionals. These professionals have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to guarantee safe transportation, assembly, and unboxing.

A white glove delivery service can include additional services. For example, some offer inspections before and after delivery to ensure reliability. These inspections are also helpful when the shipping item requires assembly, helping white glove professionals determine the most efficient way to assemble the item upon delivery to ensure that everything goes smoothly even after transportation.

White glove services also use quality packaging methods to ensure protection and security during transportation. These protective packing materials often include wooden crates, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, moving wraps, and styrofoam. In addition, white glove professionals protect the item from moisture and securely fasten it in the vehicle to avoid unwanted shifting or damage from on-the-road transportation.

Examples of When to Use White Glove Service

Although most people don’t enlist white glove delivery services for their typical online orders, these services are highly useful for numerous situations.

For example, those who own highly valuable or irreplaceable items would find this service ideal. Unique paintings, antiques, or anything with significant sentimental value requires the highest level of care when shipping or transporting. A white glove service protects these items, providing peace of mind and financial security.

Similarly, art gallery owners or managers often rely on this service to transport modern or historical pieces from one location to another. Art galleries rely on the quality of their displays for their reputation. Should a new painting or valuable sculpture sustain damage during transportation or set-up, it could negatively impact both the artist and the gallery.

White glove shipping ensures that the artwork arrives safely and is displayed securely.Along with artwork and priceless antiques, custom furniture manufacturers highly benefit from white glove service. Some consider custom furniture a type of art, making them valuable and highly desirable. Furniture manufacturers often rely on white glove services to ensure that their custom-made pieces arrive to customers on time and with minimal risks of damage.

The Benefits of White Glove Service

The most apparent advantage of white glove service is the protection of precious items during shipping and transportation. However, this service provides multiple other benefits.

One of the most notable advantages of white glove service is excellent customer service. White glove professionals understand the value of the items they handle, whether financial or sentimental. As a result, they take extra care to ensure that they adequately protect these objects while consistently meeting delivery deadlines.

These professionals utilize the highest quality shipping materials to guarantee sufficient protection of unique shipping items. These materials include more than just bubble wrap and shipping peanuts; they also include temperature-control equipment that protects the item’s structural integrity.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service and superior shipping materials, white glove services also benefit the environment. Since this type of service handles expensive and valuable commodities, scheduled deliveries are a necessity. By guaranteeing a delivery time, companies can avoid multiple delivery attempts, which means fewer vehicles and a reduced carbon footprint.
These advantages combine to provide one significant benefit: peace of mind. White glove services ensure that  valuable items get to their new destination safely and undamaged.

How Long Does White Glove Delivery Take, and How Much Does it Cost?

As with any delivery service, the time it takes to ship an item using white glove delivery varies depending on different factors. For instance, the traveling distance required is one of the most significant factors determining how long the service takes. Additionally, transporting a valuable item will take longer if it needs to enter another country and go through customs.

A major factor that affects cost is the item itself. For example, heavier items typically cost more to ship. In addition, perishable items that require extra insulated packing materials cost more due to the extensive packing and shipping process.

Other factors that determine cost and time include the:

  • Delivery location: If the delivery location is difficult to access, the delivery costs more.
  • Speed: Most white glove delivery companies also offer different delivery speeds, ranging from expedited to overnight shipping.

Add-on services: Customers can also choose from a wide range of add-on services, such as assembly and installation, that can increase the overall cost.


White glove delivery service is the best way to transport expensive or sentimental values safely and efficiently. With optional add-on services like assembly, disassembly, uncrating, and installation, white glove services provide peace of mind and make the entire transportation process significantly easier from start to finish.

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